Dr. Stephanie Binder



Curriculum Vitae


Personal: Birth: 12.02.1983. Married +2.




2010-13 Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Humanities, Post-doctorate.


2009-10 Kibbutzim College of Education, Teaching certificate for high-schools.


2005-2009 Bar-Ilan University, Department of Classical Studies, direct Ph.D. program.


2005-2008 Bar-Ilan University, Institute for Advanced Torah Studies, Talmudic studies in a special program for outstanding female doctoral students.


2001-2004 Bar-Ilan University, Classical Studies, BA. Summa cum laude.


2001-2004 Bar-Ilan University, Studies in the Institute for Advanced Torah Studies.


2001 French Baccalauréat section philosophy, literature, languages (specialisation: Latin) with honours (after studies in Jean de La Fontaine in Paris)


1998 French Brevet (BEPC)


1997 End of school at Maimonides-Rambam, Paris, France




2014 Tertullian in Face of Romanisation


2012-present Language: the Greek and Latin words in the Talmud in English translation in the Steinsaltz English edition.


2010-2013 post-doctorate: "Roman Authors on the Jews and their History", under the supervision of Prof. Bezalel Bar-Kochva (the research is funded by the Israel Science Foundation).


2009-2010 research on "The Image of the Jews as a Tool in the Rhetorical and Apologetic Frameworks of Pagan-Christian Polemics".


2005-2009 Ph.D. dissertation: “Tertullian’s De Idolatria and Massekhet Avodah Zarah: The Parting of the Ways?”, under the supervision of Professor Ranon Katzoff (Classical Studies) and Professor Albert Baumgarten (Ancient Jewish History).



Prizes and scholarships:


2011-2013 Tel-Aviv University Postdoctoral Fellowship.


2010-11 Yad ben Zvi Postdoctoral Fellowship.

              V.A.T.A.T (The Planning and Budgeting Committee for higher education)  

                                                                                         Postdoctoral Scholarship.


2009-10 Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Fellowship, New-York.


2005-2008 President’s Doctoral Fellowship of Excellence, Bar-Ilan University.


2005-2008 Institute for Advanced Torah Studies Fellowship, Bar-Ilan University, for outstanding female doctoral students.


2004 Dean’s List, Faculty of the Humanities.


2003 Rector’s award for the best student of the Faculty of the Humanities, Bar-Ilan University.


Teaching experience:


2010-2014 Bar-Ilan University, Department of Classical Studies.


2009-10 Mikve Israel French-Israeli high-school, Latin, and Jewish Studies teacher, seventh grade educator.


2007-10 Yeshivat Bar-Ilan, High-School, Tel-Aviv, Talmud teacher


International Conferences:


The Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies 40th annual congress: "A Gallo-Roman Historian from the Time of Augustus on the Origins of the People of Israel and its Government".


The sixteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies: "Flavius Josephus on the Dead Sea: Sources and Information".


Activities within the community:


2011-2012 member of the "Comité Enseignement-Education" of the Fédération Israélienne Francophone.


2003 Civil service “Chakhak” in a center for autistic adults in Kfar Ofarim, Israel


2000-2001 Responsible for Bnei Akiva Centre in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, educational movement for Jewish youth


1997-1999 Responsible for groups within the Bnei Akiva Center




French- mother tongue

Hebrew- mother tongue level

English- reading, speaking, writing

German- level of French Baccalauréat (five years of studies)


Ancient Greek

Talmudic Aramaic

Italian - reading




For publication list see:





Tertullian, On Idolatry and Mishnah Avodah Zarah. Questioning the Parting of the Ways between Christians and Jews (Brill ed., Leiden, 2012), 258 pp.




1. "Jewish-Christian Contacts in the Second and Third Centuries C.E.? The Case of Carthage; Tertullian and the Mishnah's Views on Idolatry", in Studies in Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity, D. Jaffé ed. (Leiden 2010) 187-230


2. "De la septième Lettre à Lucilius de Sénèque au De Spectaculis de Tertullien, échos et influences", Folia Electronica Classica 17 (2009)


An earlier English version can be found on the website of the University of Wales:  “Tertullian’s ‘Epistula Moralis’ to Lucilius? A Note on Senecan Influence in Tertullian's De Spectaculis”, Binder (2009). Version 1_July, Lampeter Working Papers in Classics


3."La digression de Trogue Pompée-Justin (XXXVI, 1.9-3.8) sur le peuple juif et sa terre – Texte et commentaire", Folia Electronica Classica 27 (2014) 30 pp.


Articles Accepted for Publication:


4. "Flavius Josephus on the Dead Sea: Sources and Information", Eretz Israel 31[Netzer Book] (Hebrew; with Prof. Bar-Kochva; in press, 15 pp.)



Reviews of books:


1. "John Taylor, Classics and the Bible: Hospitality and Recognition, Reviewed", The Ancient History Bulletin 23 (2009)


2. "Rutgers: Making Myths: Jews in Early Christian Identity Formation, Reviewed", Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2010.04.12


3. “Dunn, Geoffrey D., Tertullian's Aduersus Iudaeos: A Rhetorical Analysis. Reviewed”, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.02.07



Department of Classical Studies:

Roman Historians

Moral, law and personal letters in Ancient Rome

Latin for advanced students

Greeks and Jews: echoes and testimonies

Reading Plautus in Latin (planned for 2014-15)


Department of Translation:

Latin etymology and medical terminology


Early Christianity, Ancient Judaism, Rabbinism, interaction between Jews, Christians and pagans, Greek and Latin authors on Jews and Judaism


Augustan Greek and Latin Authors on Jews and Judaism