Dr. Ariadne Konstantinou



My research focuses on Greek language, literature and culture, with special interests in epic poetry and drama; Greek mythology and religions; women and gender in antiquity; mobility and space in antiquity; text and image. I have articles forthcoming on the ritual space of maenadism in the Athenian imaginary and on the reception of Herodotus in a Modern Greek play by Margarita Lyberaki.


I completed my PhD in Classics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2013) and have since held annual postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto (2012-3), Tel Aviv University (2013-4), Bar Ilan University (2014-5). Last year I held a "matching" postdoctoral fellowship at Tel Aviv University (2015-6), sponsored by Prof. Andrea Rotstein.


This is the third year I will be teaching at the department of Classical Studies at Bar Ilan University, offering two courses on intermediate Greek (Attic orators and epic poetry), an introduction to Greek religion, and a seminar on Greek tragedy and comedy.


For a list of publications, visit: https://biu.academia.edu/AriadneKonstantinou


A. Konstantinou, “Hestia and Eos: Mapping female mobility and sexuality in Greek mythic thought,” American Journal of Philology 137.1 (2016), 1-24.

A. Konstantinou, “Tradition and innovation in Greek tragedy’s mythological exempla,” The Classical Quarterly 65.2 (2015), 476-88.

A. Konstantinou, “Reconsidering the metamorphosis of Io: On texts, images and dates,” Symbolae Osloenses 89 (2015), 35-53.

A. Konstantinou, Review of J. Neils, Women in the Ancient World (Los Angeles, 2011), Scripta Classica Israelica 33 (2014), 333-5.

A. Konstantinou, “The lioness imagery in Greek tragedy,” Quaderni urbinati di cultura classica 101 (2012), 125-41. 


For a list of publications, visit: https://biu.academia.edu/AriadneKonstantinou




Greek Tragedy and Comedy, seminar (spring)

Intermediate Greek: Greek epic poetry (spring)

Introduction to Ancient Greek Religion (winter)

Intermediate Greek: Attic Orators: Lysias (winter)





Goddesses, Heroines, and Women in Greek Literature (spring)

Hymns, Gods and Ritual in Ancient Greece (winter)

Greek for Beginners (annual)





Greek for Beginners (2014-15, annual)


▪ Greek and Latin language & literature    

▪ Greek epos and tragedy   

▪ Classical mythology & religions  

▪ Women & gender in antiquity  

▪ Greek social history  

▪ Gender and space in Classical Greece  

▪ Text and image (especially Attic vases)